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How can i strengthen my self-esteem? 7 tricks of powerful women

women seeking men in MonroeWould be would have, could have. not feeling good enough, every met before. it paralyzes you, makes you unhappy and leaves you with bowed head through the streets. stop it! today, we clarify once and for all, the question is: how can i strengthen my self-esteem?

Who could

What you of the power of women, as meghan markle, emma watson or michelle obama, can be self-love learning, you can find out now.

“the five lost pounds will not make you happier, more makeup will not make you beautiful, jerry maguire’s you complete now so popular song “me” is simply not true. you’re complete with or without a partner. you’re enough just as you are.“ – meghan markle

women seeking men in MonroeEverything could be better, if only i had a partner, and less on the ribs, a prettier face, a better job, and so on and so forth. we convince ourselves that there is always something missing.

Meghan markle says: bullshit! you don’t have to meet 19 criteria, to make you feel good. to the pressure of certain requirements of the society meet, is what harms our self-esteem.

Release you from it! accept you fully and no longer choose to race any of ideal afterwards. true happiness does not come from outside but from the inside.

Tips from a pro: in the following video a psycho explains to you login, which helps against low self-esteem:

Thank you for your voice – mother-dairy-products

women seeking men in MonroeThanks for supporting the petition “tits 4 kids”. in order for you to help a safe and adequate nutrition for infants sure.

And, while with natural breastfeeding by the mother, but also through the proper use of high quality breast-milk substitutes if necessary.

But beware:

This issue does not only affect the third world. even our own children, as the children of our friends and relatives are affected. because mother milk substitute products are also available in german supermarket shelves.

If so, you’ve got yourself a baby – or someone in your circle of freshly-baked mom has become – we have for you a valuable list prepared:

On this list you will find a …

Wellness home: how you yourself and your spa day to relax and unwind doing

women seeking men in MonroeWho knows? after a long, busy day, you’re finally home and you’re totally tense. this calls for a spa day! pamper yourself and let you go really well here, you will learn how you can get wellness at home – with your self-made spa!

1. unlock your mobile phone!

women seeking men in MonroeNowadays, everyone is constantly accessible. how nice it can be once off, you can forget quickly. take your phone, turn it off and put it in another room!

<, h2>2. Take a hot bath!

What better way than to take the time for a long, hot bath! this includes relaxing music, maybe a nice book. red wine make a delicious tea, or grab a glass. a small piece of chocolate of course. before you get in the bath, to put you in your cozy soft towel or your bathrobe. you see: wellness at home is easy!

Skin as a baby’s bottom? 👶

So this remains not a dream, we need to do something about it … 💪🏼

Is your skin soft and tender, you’ll be able to our free skin test!

Baby is not sleeping? 5 things you mother never should

women seeking men in MonroeSay did you know that sleep is used withdrawal as a kind of torture?

Because lack of sleep not only causes fatigue. the consequences are:

  • Physical pain
  • the

  • depression
  • the

  • despair
  • the

  • exclusion from the social life
  • to focus

  • difficulties
  • the

  • irritability

And the are only a few examples – without going into the details of all this suffering to enter!


Mothers whose baby is not, should not, in addition, with “well-intentioned” advice to be asleep by loaded.

And certainly not with those based on half-knowledge, or just empty statements. if you want to test, whether the sleep of your child is age appropriate, you can do this simple test.

We especially warn against this drain 5 comments:

How do i draw the perfect eyeliner: two paths to the goal

women seeking men in MonroeTo find an answer to the question “how do i draw the perfect eyeliner”, is an art in itself.

Note that regardless of whether it comes to a eyeliner or mascara to the eyelashes properly – so that it can really succeed in, it applies certain steps to. and then it’s just: practice, practice, practice.

I give you today, the answer to the frequently asked question: how do i draw the perfect eyeliner? in addition i have discovered two solutions for you.

First solution: the scotch tape trick

women seeking men in MonroeStep 1: scotch tape on the outer corner of the eye attach

Before you go anywhere with the eyeliner near your eye, you should be clear lines continued.

Take a strip of scotch tape and glue to back him, first of all, on your hand. so it is later easier to pull off and not stick to the skin.

The scotch tape, you put it so that he draws a straight line from the outer corner of the eye up to the end of your eyebrow.

Alternatively, you can take a piece of paper.

Step 2: set points

Take the eyeliner of your choice. whether you eyeliner using a pen, a gel or a felt, is up to you. if however, you’re still a beginner, have to do the felt eyeliner as the “sensai liquid” eyeliner a little easier, since you with you the accurate color application can.

Instead of a line, you should first know where you have the eyeliner like. then put the eyeliner along your eye angle.


These points can then connect to each other. so, you can work more precisely and persistent have points that will help you.

Step 3: use the eyeliner to draw

Now the moment of truth comes. connect the dots and draw a straight line from the tesa strip to the corner of your vision. you need to not make sure that the color strip on your tesa – he is there.

If you’re satisfied with the line, along work for you now, very slowly, to the eyelashes. go patiently, before and take your time. if something comes in addition, it does not matter.

So we have to deal the very end.

Step 4: repeat on the other eye

Perform all these steps for your other eye. if the eyeliner is not identical to the other eye, don’t be mad.

Often our eyes are unequal in size, therefore, asymmetries arise anyway. and the probability that you will stand out to anybody except you, is practically equal to zero.

In this video you can see how the scotch tape trick looks like in practice:

Step 5: the finishing touches

If a little color device next to it, is the thanks to of the swab not bad at all. a watt take a swab, moisten it with water and go over all the places where the color is the next to fall, or the line strongly deviates.

Ready for the perfect eyeliner!

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