Fall is just around the corner, and one of the hottest trends this year is nail colors. With celebrities flaunting the coolest shades from Los Angeles to New York City, this top 5 list will give you the low down on the hottest nail color shades to rock this fall.

Number 5 – Classic Black

No one can go wrong with classic black nail polish. Especially if you buy Chanel’s Black Satin. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Kidman have been seen walking around the streets of Hollywood with this shade on. With the right outfit, say a white tank top, a colorful scarf, and short jean shorts, you will be turning heads with this celebrity nail color in no time.

Number 4 – Ruby Red

Fall is a great time to wear a shade of red on your nails. Last fall, celebrities like Hilary Duff and Lo Bosworth were seen sporting this nail color. What’s great about red is that you can wear it with a variety of outfits and with both casual and formal attire. One brand that I think makes a great Ruby Red is NARS. It is the shade called Rouge Andalou. An outfit that I think would look great with ruby red nails would be a knee length, form fitting black dress.

Number 3 – Dark Purple

Fall is a great time to show off your edgier side with darker shades like dark purple. With the darker color pallet of clothes that you will be wearing in autumn, dark purple will be subtle yet rich. Celebrities love being discrete, and lately Lauren Conrad and Mischa Barton have both been wearing this color around. You know it’s going to be a hit on you with celebs like LC and Ms. Barton rocking it on the red carpet. And Paradoxal by Chanel is definitely the dark purple shade you need this fall.

Number 2 – Nude

The reason I love this color is because it blends in so well with the fall colors around you. Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lopez, and Paris Hilton love showing off their picture perfect nails in this color. This isn’t a flashy or showy look, and it looks great for formal events that you will be attending this fall. Pair your nails it with a black top and some beige pants like Angelina Jolie did, and I’m sure you’ll be getting some compliments this fall. Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. by OPI is a great brand for nude nail polish lifehacks-on.xyz.

Number 1 – Robin Egg Blue

This craze started in the spring, with Beyonce first introducing the world to the trend in her “Why Don’t You Love Me” music video. People catch on fast when celebrities like Beyonce wear a hot new nail color, especially the people at Chanel. They seem to be on top of every nail trend these days, and they didn’t disappoint with the Robin Egg Blue color either. Their Nouvelle Vague color is definitely the color you need this fall to mix it up a bit. However, the color is hard to find, so look around! Celebrities as big as Ke$ha, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Port, and Jessica Alba all love this color. Pair this shade with some cute jeans and a mute tone top, and you’ll be the envy of your friends in no time.

I hope that you enjoyed my countdown of the top 5 celebrity nail colors of Fall 2010. Remember to always mix it up and have fun!

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