Test September 2019, with Real erotica or Fake

Test September 2019, with Real erotica or Fake
Test September 2019, with Real erotica or Fake

Passion.com in the Test September2019.

Passion. thanks to the 90 million members of a large selection of potential Dates. The main purpose here is to second a Partner for erotic hours to find third or more. The profile pictures of most of the User already make you want more. So, if You want to Booty call, are You here exactly correctly. Find out in this test report on the free and paid Features and what are the points if You log in to the Passion. Here You will find all the prices and options that are available to You. Especially for men the site is very attractive, since the proportion of women is five times higher than that of the men. You will find a Passion for what You’re looking for? Read on and learn all about the Sexdating platform Passion.

The Sign-Up Process.

Verification of the E-Mail address is necessary as many photos can be uploaded to a Premium-membership will be directly after logging in, the login process is offered only takes a few minutes and is user-freundilch No personal information is required, search suggestions will be displayed directly on the home page .

Profile information.

When you Create the account, only the sex, the sex needs to be looking after you, a Nickname (the real Name is not required), age and E-Mail address specified. Therefore, many Fake Users are on-the-go. In the profile itself You can tell later something about You and details to the build and personal data. Here, You can manage uploaded images and Videos. The information to be filled in by You, other Users with the Premium membership visible.

Since there is no indication of the correct name is necessary, you can stay of each User anonymous. Also in the pictures and more bare skin is usually to see as a face .

To be clear from the beginning that it is a very sexlastige page, in which mainly women and couples are enrolled in. Without You to make settings to the search results can be displayed in the many Nude and sex pictures of other Users in all age classes. The practical search filters, You can customize the selection however, quite simply .

For the creation of the profile, a lot of time is not necessary.


Worldwide, more than 90.000.000 members, more women than men in age groups: 18 to 70 years are Daily more than 60,000 Logins Five times of Particularly active users from 25 to 34 years.

Passion allows you to have couples and individuals of fun. The minimum age is 18 years. It is striking that mainly women logged on here and active.

The User Passion are predominantly female and sexually seemingly ready for anything. Many Nude photos and sex videos are available and can be publicly commented on. Many couples in the age from 40 to 60 are in search of erotic adventures. Here is specifically looking for group sex. Fake Profiles are identified at the beginning as You will see very many Profiles. Online especially a couple from the USA who are in search of sex partners are not, if you adapt the search filter. Here are the Details seem to play no role. You’ll receive messages without a photo. Answers you do not get, however, quite so quickly.

Quality of the Userprofile.

The main photo can be viewed free of charge is The photo gallery for the User to see only against payment, Many Fake Accounts Fakes can be used to verify the E-Mail address will be blocked for necessary verification by photo volunteer Profiles will not be reviewed by Passion .

Without a Gold membership, unfortunately it is not possible to complete the Profiles of other Users to look at. It shows a gross Overview of the preferences and what these are looking for, but for the complete view of a Gold membership, or an amount of €3/profile is necessary. The profile details must be filled in, thus many of the Accounts are incomplete and it is not clear whether this is a real User. Because the verification photo is voluntary, You can find here a lot of Fake Accounts and inactive Users. Already one Minute after the activation of the profile, we received 7 messages in other Users, mainly couples, after one or two other “game” were looking for companions. The messages are usually very direct. Profile picture without bare skin are a real rarity on Passion. Anyone who is in search of a sexual adventure, here is guaranteed to be good .


Search members search, filter age, gender, distance can, among other things, The search to be selected can be adjusted to suit Your needs in addition to the normal news, You video-chat can begin, gifts and gratuities, to distribute The main profile image of other Users is free visible 3 messages per day are free of charge.

The contact to a different User by Clicking on the Chat Icon possible. For Standard Users this is three times a day, free of charge. You used these free messages, You can start a conversation by Webcam. This is for all Users free of charge. Furthermore, You can other users send a friend request or add them to Your favorites. About the points system You can send gifts, or for 1 € tipping send, so as to pay attention to You. A User, like You, can You block this. About new messages via E’ll be informed by Mail. To find the User of Your choice, You can restrict the search criteria and save it. So You’re going to be made only to matching Profiles carefully. Passion offers an App for Smartphones, which seems to work but only for Premium Users. To contact the best way to other Users via the free, daily news. So You can communicate clearly. Furthermore, You can write a Blog and users and so help to know You better and to make people aware of You. Upload public photos and Videos is also possible. The comment function enables the public to communicate with the users.

Test September 2019, with Real erotica or Fake
Test September 2019, with Real erotica or Fake

Design of Passion.

A lot of information on a page, All menu items are labeled clearly for Easy and clear operation for a Long time to load the pages a lot of pictures You will get on the home page, with naked skin flooded. Sex photos and pictures of sex parts, there is no end of The Blog something’s hiding under the advertising displayed Public photos and Videos to Watch there is at the end of the page.

The Design of the page is simple, and the purpose of this page is also directly clear. Here will quickly become clear that there is a page on the sex and kinky pictures and Videos and arranges to be replaced. If You like this, the page is just right for You. An App for the Passion Website is available, but calls for the direct payment can only be made via the browser version. The mobile site is similar to the App very much. Here, too, You have to pay directly. Although You can click on the home page, but not loading them. When Loading the browser version, it may come through the many pictures and Videos to delays. The Website itself is set up very clear and understandable. Here you need no computer to understand the knowledge of this .

Special Features.

By Collecting points You can make then gifts. Points You collect, for example, via the Upload of photos or the verification. However, these can also be purchased .

You have collected enough points, You can let these gifts to convert and the User of your choice as a nice greeting to come .

On the Webcam icon, You can see a Live Video invitation to other Users to send.

On a Blog You can interact with other users in contact. Here You can comment of other users or even yourself write a.

Hot or Not?

About this search function, You can match with other users. Choose whether You like an image or not. Here, You will be taken to all the 10 answers to the payment options .

Porn movies to order.

More than 2,000 movies are available for You on request to Download or Stream available.

Private Chat Rooms.

You can invite Users of Your choice, in which “private room”, and here into the conversation. For this purpose, You need the Passion Premium membership.

Your Activities.

In order not to lose track of the Passion offers You the possibility to track all the activities. These are stored.

The Passion App.

The App is available Only for Gold members, available Excessive advertising home page does not load .

The App seems to be only available for Premium members. Directly after the Login You will be prompted here for the payment and can’t even Open the home page. The Mobile Version of the site provides unfortunately, the same Problem. Here You should definitely stay with the Browser Version .

Passion is arranging a platform to Sexdates and photos or Videos to share. No doubt more inventory after the first impressions. Many Users search the contact to other members. After a few minutes, we received 7 messages, 5 of which had a Sex or Nude photo as the profile picture and the message is clear, on what the Users are from. In the case of the 3 free messages was striking, that the User were to Send the message offline. The women here are clearly in the Majority, therefore, men have a particularly good chance to socialize. The registration was very quick, easy and above all anonymous. When you Upload the profile image, it came to the Problem that, apparently, to little bare skin was to be seen. This was not accepted. Here Passion checked within 24 to 28 hours, seemingly randomly some of the images. The home page is full with users, their images and Blogs. Here, it is not guaranteed to be boring. Men especially have a great selection of women or couples that are looking for fun and variety. Many Users upload quite safely pictures and Videos of themselves and their Partner during sexual intercourse. This speaks to the safe privacy of Passion.

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