William Shatner once told a crowd of Trekkies; “Get a life, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it’s just a TV show!”

Big Willy was yoshing, although it does help put it in perspective. For what was just a TV show has still gone to become an entire way of life for fans; spawning multiple series and a massive movie franchise.

I remember watching reruns of the original TV series with my dad fabiosa.com growing up. That kind of nostalgia is one of the reasons Star Trek is so beloved; it is part of our culture going back generations. The show showed the first interracial {intergalactic, even} kiss on television, featured a black woman playing a scientist and proved to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”

In an era where most movie-makers are eager to simply retell a story, JJ Abrams has delightfully chosen to reboot the Trek by going back before the beginning.

Set Phasers to drool. There’s another reason to get some space action on the Enterprise – it’s called the cutie crew.

Chris Pine: The leading man has described the young Kirk as “brash, loud” and a man who “loves his women” This 28-yr-old L.A. boy is bringing a new twist to the old Captain.

Zac Quinto: The 31-yr-old “Heroes” star got to know the original Spock for his role.

Eric Bana: Big baddie Nero is perhaps the best known player with big budget flicks like the “Hulk.” The 40-yr-old days is married with 2 kids.

What happened on the very first voyage? Soon, we’ll see the story (and all the eye candy) for ourselves.

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