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MyPolonia: App, Login, photos – We tell you what it has to offer, MyPolonia to .

As the largest Online Community in Germany for young people with Polish roots puts MyPolonia very nice. The modern Portal similar to Facebook, but in fact, especially when it comes to flirting, there are so many Singles are on the way! In our Test, we explain to you in detail what it takes and how do you the best Flirt chances have.

Which unfortunately is already on the home page, a negative notice (if also understandable, considering that the Portal is largely free of charge): the constant advertising. But who can be assumed not to interfere with MyPolonia friends!

Via E-Mail or Facebook expanded registration in the blink of an eye. Caution should be exercised in the choice of the nick name that can be later only with the help of the Credits change!

The registration is confirmed via the sent Mail, there are only a few Details about yourself, upload a profile picture. This is highly recommended, especially if you want to use MyPolonia for the life partner .

The profile image is checked before it is activated, we suspect that it is checked for inappropriate content .

Community: the German-Polish Facebook.

MyPolonia seems like a mixture of Facebook and Tinder.

For one, it is a Community where you can add friends, and in his profile, Status and pictures post, which will be displayed in the General Newsfeed, if you have not privatized your profile. Is set the profile to “Private”, only your accepted friends of your detailed information, pictures, and Posts .

Like or you clicked

On the other hand it has like Tinder on a Matching System where you get random people suggested, which then sends either a Like or you clicked away. And it’s not only about a Partner, especially a lot of new contacts can be closed within the Polish-German Community of course.

Friends, Flirts, and more.

Find nice people in your area.

About “members” to get different ways to search for people. You are actually specifically looking for a Partner, you can look at the random Profiles, and market overview.

A search form, as is the case with all Single exchanges is common, helps, to look targeted to someone in your own age, and wishes. Well here is that you can also specify a radius, to is just the beginning, you assumed that most of the members come from the Ruhr area. One lives in Munich, could be a scare, thanks to the perimeter of a search is quickly made clear that the members of Germany’s scattered far-life.

Become Friends.

As with Facebook, you can block your profile and only for the unlock, you’re on the platform, friends. You sent friend requests or receives this.

Get started the fun: use the Matching function.

As in the case of Tinder by the Hot-or-Not principle can be found via the Matching Profiles and the like – or not. You like a profile, it appears the Opposite as “you have a new Fan”. However, this must then switch with Credits the visibility of your profile free. Only if you match each other, it will cost you to View anything.

Messages to write, read and receive is absolutely free! That is what we like very well, because the socializing is very easy. However, it can be just it as quickly. It is important to sort out quickly, wme you want to answer and who not to. Because Poland are in contrast to the German men are much more open and directly give Gas if you want to get to know you .

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