Flying hair 6 tips on how to get you in the handle

In the Winter, charged hairs are often a Problem There are a few simple Tricks against the projecting hairs. A perfect taste straight from the tap? Thanks to GROHE Blue Home and GROHE Red, this goes simply by the push of a button-from your home.

GROHE water systems will give your kitchen that extra Shine. Select the combination that suits your needs ideal. Coats, wool sweaters, or hats often make the electrified hairs in the autumn and Winter.

We tell you how the Problem is a thing of the past. As soon as the hood from the head is removed, we have to fight in cold temperatures, only too often, with charged-up, sticking-up hair to. In particular, in the case of dry hair, it comes very often to statically charged hair. Thick coats, scarves and knit caps to ensure that moisture can escape during the cold, winter air, hardly . The electricity accumulated in the body and the hairs repel each other magnetically to the skin.

Since it comes straight in the Winter due to the lack of moisture-charged hair, it is important to keep the hair from drying out. In the case of acute flying hair, befeuchtest your hands with water and befeuchtest then your hair a little bit. LivSo moisturizing Shampoo for about 19 euros at Amazon Wella Professionals Conditioner for fine to normal hair for about 12 Euro at Amazon L’oreal Paris “Botanicals Fresh Care”mask lavender for about 8 euros at Zalando brushes and combs made of plastic or metal often cause a lot of friction, which is then, once again, for flying hair responsible. Better wooden combs with wide teeth therefore.

If you don’t forego your favorite brush to do these pranks Medicine in front of the Comb on a tissue. Breeze like wood comb for about 14 euros on Amazon To Blow dry, you should refrain from this Problem actually, as far as possible as it leads to charged hair. If you want to blow dry your hair, then use a hair-dryer with ion-technology. This prevents flying hair zuverlässlig.

A few drops of hair oil in your fingers and spread it in your hair. This strengthens the hair and prevents static Charge. Even better, the Oil acts by the way, if the hairs have previously been moistened slightly with water.

Acaraa hair oil with argan oil and jojoba oil for about 29 euros on Amazon With charged hair along the way, you can appease, this is also quite simple with a bit of hand cream. Be careful not to use very little, so the hair will look greasy. For supercharged clothes, hats and scarves, there is a solution: With Anti-static spray removes the electric charge from the fabrics easily. The Laundress “Static Solution” on Amazon for about 22 Euro

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